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Let me start by saying this hasn't been an easy road. It continues to not be an easy road too. Everyday I wake up, I have to remind myself of who I am, why I am alive and what it is I intend to accomplish with my time. I have to tell myself that I have a purpose and mission, chosen by God to bear the name Michelle Weaver, to posses the qualities, abilities, hair and skin that I do. I know that I am loved, made unique and complete in God.

I started my musical journey in the 3rd grade with piano lessons, followed by playing trumpet in middleschool band and learning guitar etc. through my highschool years. I started writing my own songs in my early highschool years, and have not stopped since. I have tried to start up a band several times, but to no avail. I Must have a purpose in being solo. So today and everyday until the Good Lord sees it fit to bring me other musicians to share in my vision, i will embrace my soloness.

My family is a very musical family so music has been a part of my life from the beginning. My dad would play old hymns and sing us songs. My sisters and I have since followed in those footsteps in playing music.

At night when I was afraid of the dark I remember listening to my cassette tapes of Bullfrogs and butterflies. It would help me go to sleep. I couldn't stand the silence, it was too scary for me. It was my friend since I felt so alone.

I found and still find comfort and solace in music. Music has been a key part in my healing, as I work through the pains of my childhood.

Music is an outlet for my feelings and emotions. Music is the way that I fall asleep at night. I thank God for the chance to share a hope and peace through music with you. Music has meant so much to me, I hope that it can mean as much to you.

Peace, and love on your journey!

-MIchelle W.